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SEO Effective Marketing Strategies

Marketing has taken a great turn in the way websites are advertised and marketed today.  In today’s world of Internet Marketing and SEO, there are multiple ways to get your website listed on the major search engines.  Knowing the proper techniques and most effective ways to do only benefits you and your company. Backlinking is…

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EIMS Press Release 2

EIMS: Expert Internet Marketing Service New Social Media Services Are Keeping Up The Trend September 07, 2012 As EIMS rolls out there company more and more, they have continued to add services upon demand. With the height of the Social Media boom still rising, Expert Internet Marketing Services is staying on top. Social media sites…

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EIMS Press Release 1

EIMS: Expert Internet Marketing Services Breaks Onto the Market to Optimize Your Business September 07, 2012 EIMS, the Expert Internet Marketing Service has officially and publicly launched its services today. Specializing in SEO and SEM optimization for both business sites and social media sites, they offer a compelling amount of professionalism and ability. Chris Bates…

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Popular Video SEO Tactics

Popular Video SEO Tactics If you are not already using video content as an attractive strategy to reel in viewers and foot traffic, then you should be. The boom of the internet video wave has not died yet and it’s high time you take advantage of it. SO the question remains, how DO you take…

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Keeping Your Website Fresh With SEO Tricks

Keeping Your Website Fresh With SEO Tricks If you have ever taken the time to design a website, or have one made, you realize the tedious nature of the process. The graphical representation, the content, the functionality, and how user friendly it must be. And once it is all over, you think “WHEW!, Glad that’s…

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Face-Off with Facebook SEO Optimization Trends

Face-Off with Facebook SEO Optimization Trends What’s trending readers? You hear that term a lot these days; trending. If you don’t know what that means, it’s essentially what is popular at the moment. Most often a short lived fad, but beneficial all the same when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Basically when someone posts…

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SERP Says: Twitter Me This Web Man – Social Media SEO

SERP Says: Twitter Me This Web Man – Social Media SEO Welcome back to those of you who have been following my SEO posts. In this article we will discuss how to follow trends on Twitter and use them to increase your Search Engine Optimization threefold. The one thing people do realize about the social…

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Local SEO

The Benefits of Local SEO For those of us in business that focus more on the local aspect of their demographic, search engine optimization doesn’t seem so important. But unfortunately that way of thinking is incorrect. Even though word of mouth advertising still is a key element in local small business, it is certainly not…

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Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design? Responsive Web Design. I thought all web responds….. No this is quite a different story, in fact a much more important story than website flash and sizzle. Responsive web design is actually and truly just plain magic. At least it seems so to designers in the coding world. But in…

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